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Quality Management
Kingtech has adopted a variety of management procedures and methods to ensure our product quality meets the customer's expectation.
Preliminary Review:
We carefully assess and check customer's requirements before accepting an order to make sure Kingtech can meet the expected specifications, delivery and other technical and business requisites.
Quality Control of Incoming Materials:
Kingtech adheres to stringent process of scrutinizing all incoming materials before moving them to our warehouse. In addition, Kingtech follows prescribed guidelines and working directives to manage all incoming materials. Kingtech will utilize the materials before expiration or test them before use.
Process Controls of Fabrication:
Kingtech controls the complete production process. Kingtech performs 100% visual and AOI inspection
Final Control and Examination:
Kingtech performs electrical test, impedance control test, micro-section test, thermal stress test, solderability test, and ionic cleanliness test before delivery.
Why Kingtech?
1. The average tenure of Kingtech sales and engineers is 8 years. And all Kingtech sales have passed CET-6. So we can communicate with customers without any obstacle, and provide professional service. 
2. All of Kingtech sales are available at any time. Kingtech provides 7X24 service.
3. We continually invest in new equipments to keep the technological advancement.
4. Competitive price with best value.
5. Consistent quality.
    Our products are 100% guaranteed to be in accordance with IPC-6012 & IPC-A 600F standards, and we're UL approved as well.
6. Fast response.
    Quick quotation reply and rapid service response within 2 hours.
7. Environmentally friendly.
    Kingtech is committed to Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing.